Saturday, April 3, 2010

Got Jena!

So on Tuesday we had our rather interesting meeting for the industrial engineering department to decide where each student would go in Germany. At the last minute I had decided against going to the University of Cologne and to go to Jena instead, because turns out the engineering faculty of the Cologne university is not in Cologne but in a godforsaken town called Gummersbach. Now granted Jena isn't that big a city but I just loved it after reading about it. It's got trams, it's a student city with a lot of foreigners so it doesn't intimidate international students like other east German cities. AND AND it's one of the warmest cities in Germany! AND the driest! (as in it rains 5 days a week instead of 6), but still.. Thankfully no one wanted Jena, so my part of the meeting went rather peacefully while other students struggled.

Things I am not looking forward to, however (but my mother is ecstatic about):

1) Cleaning
2) Doing laundry
3) Cooking
4) heck just doing anything around the house/dorm/room/whatever

This should be interesting...