Thursday, August 13, 2009

this summer sucks

Disclaimer: this is a complaining post.

This summer was seriously pointless. It didn't even feel like summer. For starters I took summer courses, okay fine they're just two courses but still the very idea of studying something right now is just meh. I would say it's the last time I take summer courses but ya you never know. Next semester I'm taking 15 credit hours, which is fine considering two of the courses have labs. I'm not gonna rush myself anymore, I honestly don't care if I graduate in 5 years or 4 and a half or whatever, I'm not exactly psyched about working so again, meh.

Reason number 2: I'm the only one in the family to not go away ANYWHERE this summer. Little brother went to germany for a whole month, big brother went to germany for a week, and the one who actually studies in the GERMAN university didn't go to Germany. There's your acrimonious irony. -Can you say acrimonious irony? Inno I know you say acrimonious debate and stuff, but I don't know it seems to fit here-..... moving on... Mom's going to England for the umpteenth time, and Dad's in Yemen. (yes, Yemen counts it's outside the country, mashi?). Ok fine I know all of them are going for work and camps and what not but still.

Reason number 3: hmm what was reason number 3? Oh ya they've been renovating the house the past month and I swear it can seriously drive someone insane. The incessant noises, the mess, the bunch of workers around the house gaaaaaah. The house looks really nice now, on the other hand.

Reason number 4: did I mention meh? nothing to look forward to efft. ooo but I did get my license woohoo. After quite a struggle lol. I swear I will never set foot in that place again yil3an ha. Or at least till I need to get it renewed. And there's a car and everything available but I have to kind of practice before ze parents will give it to me. Abdallah and Saed yalla ur turn. I think Saed would go for it, but Abdalla is just too bloody lazy. And now with one more person to drive him around? Ya not anytime soon.

I think I'm done whining. Everyone's entitled to a complaining post every once in a while, no?

Off I go.


Hmmm it's so not like me to want to write a post about a clothing store but this place I have to blog. Matalan is one of those high quality, low prices stores along the lines of Wallmart and the such. And the first store to open overseas was in Jordan (Eat your heart out, Dubai). I just love how they have everything, their prices are very reasonable (don't be fooled by the fact that it's in Baraka mall), and for those of us who aren't a size XS or -2 or whatever you can actually find something :)

Anyhoo so go check it out. Baraka mall, the entire third floor. Oh and you can find the exact same stuff on their website, so if you're unbelievably lazy you can browse the stuff they have on their website then just go and buy it.

Random story? So I was with mom and we're going down from the place to the car and I bump my foot against a stand or something and my toe starts bleeding like a lot, all over my slippers and all (I think I've scared a few kids haha). The whole thing looks pretty disgusting. So what does mom say? "Make sure you don't get any blood in the car". gee, thanks mom. >.>

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Want a Cat!!

I've always been a cat person me thinks, but after watching these videos I REALLY REALLY want a cat!