Friday, June 26, 2009


*Ignore all spelling mistakes + grammer wrote it while being very "not in the mood"*
I'm really not pissed just fucking annoyed, had a fight with the folks over the dog again... aah aah I'm too sick of this, each weak they find a new reason why the dog must go...
1st week:she is too jumpy and excited all the time
So I let her off her leash to run free
2nd week: at night she got a bunch of garbage from the hood and put them all around our garden.
Put her back on the leash but walked her more often.
3rd week: neighbors started complain about her barking all the time
got her a muzzle
THIS WEEK: She is taking too much space from the house, the garden always feels dirty from her, her shit is all around the back, she is nijseh (don't really know the english meaning of that).
So as you know I'm burnt... after this fight I had to go outside in the sun gather all her shits together, set up a new more hidden spot for her, and clean all around.... just to "fix the problem"!
Next week for the new problem what do u expect it to be?
AHAAA now for the most funny part... I come back inside the problem isn't the dog anymore its my life.....
bla bla bla
So I went into my room and sat on the computer.... I usually play games when I'm annoyed and I did... started losing at any game i try to play.....

and I still didnt have lunch! so my hurts

Another Superstar Dies

I can't say that I believe it but its all around the globe Micheal Jackson is Dead, with 50 years of age.
It is kind of sad, I think because Micheal Jackson was one of the artists who I knew ever since I was a young child. I remember the 1st time I watched the video clip "thriller" I was i thinly only 6 years or maybe less. I had nightmares for months I swear. But I loved his songs.....
Billie Jean....
Beat it......
Smooth Criminal.....
These are some of his work.
Other than the songs he sang the performances that he took part in...
The lively concerts.....
The dancing...
The moonwalk.....

Even with 50 years of age, he was scheduled to do a tour in London in a couple of weeks.
Rest In Peace my friend,
and keep moonwalking!

Things that have been on my mind lately....

well I've been away for a long time now.... mainly for many reason.... I had a lot of internet crashes and shit like that... meh you know.... uni has been a b*tch to be honest... lool I have failed math finally... they hit me with the 1st course i pass with 57 they hit me with the 2nd I pass with 52.. the 3rd I was determined to do good and I passed with 78!! then on the 4th course I guess I just lost it... it wasnt fully my fault tho, instructor was smart but a retard at teaching, the subject was mostly boring....the class was FULL of NERDS... which made me be the lowest there which was ....can't think of a word really but like tiny. I didn't even bother to go to the final... before the final i went to see how much marks i would need to pass it... so I checked it out and found out that I have got 13/60 for the semester work so i needed a 37/40 to pass.... meh...
What else is on my mind.... I dont like to talk much so ya I'm always pretty brief....well my Girlfriend is out of the country which kinda sucks ass... especially because we haven't had some free time in a while...
I have thought of my graduation project for uni.... it will be sooo fucking sexy I promise but I seriously would like it work....*dreams for a while*
I have a couple of issues I'd like to discuss.... honestly ask urself; after go into to the bathroom and shit do u or don't u check out the result *your shit* I swear its normal, alot of people do it.... I got to admit I become a bit sick because there are 2 specifically which I'm proud of :
1) The shit was long enough to touch the water without breaking * still attached to my ass*.
2) I had gas and I had wet shit at the same time so when I went to shit I felt like I was spray painting.
I do admit that its sick but it isn't wrong..
however for sicker people check
If your a fart person so check out

Ok and the last thing on my mind...
Do you say Matakeh or Makateh?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100th post

yaaay 100th post
aiming for 1000th post
farah start posting i'll come back around 900 :P

Best of Stewie Griffin

Well yesterday we were going to el wadi yesterday it was really fun! there were amazing painful slides.... wedgies, penetration by water and much more was present.
I got burnt badly I look like a KFC spicy thigh alot like this :

On the way there we were singing :

which reminded me of other songs :P :

and :