Monday, April 20, 2009

long time no see

Well hello. It's been a long time since I posted anything. I haven't been posting anything on the other blog either because I haven't been in a serious blog mode at all.

Okay so my brother just got back from the airport and the whole family woke up and woke me along in the process and now it's 2.30 AM, I can't go back to sleep and I need to wake up at 6. Lovely. Everybody's got the day off for Easter but I don't. :(

Not much going on, really. On Thursday I had my last midterm (or is it a first exam? I lost track). Material science majorly sucks I may add. Okay fine it may have had something to do with the fact that I've started studying 6 chapters on the very same day of the exam, but seriously it sucks. oooo look at the views of the crystallographic planes and decide the structure. I can't imagine 3-D objects okay?? Just like Abdallah doesn't see colors. teehee. But i did ace my German,economics and probability exams. Without studying. Hell yeah!

Hmm what else? Easter was today. Didn't feel like Easter at all though. Usually, every year my uncles from my mom's side would come one after the other to y3aydo 3aleina and then we'd be invited to a 5aroof lunch at my grandparents. But this year, due to the death of a distant family member, everybody was invited to lunch in Irbid, and since I didn't want to go, I ended up attending the electric circuits lab (oh joy!). Then i went to cups with the guys. So ya, it just didn't feel like Easter.

I did spend the weekend at the Dead Sea though, and the weather was awesome. There were so many Germans there. Apparently their insurance actually covers their stay here at the dead sea, because it's considered medical treatment. Aha.

Ya i think that's about it. I think i'll go and start counting 5awareef.

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Saed said...

LOL insurance FAIL :P

That's so sweet though awww *mushy face*