Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hmmm it's so not like me to want to write a post about a clothing store but this place I have to blog. Matalan is one of those high quality, low prices stores along the lines of Wallmart and the such. And the first store to open overseas was in Jordan (Eat your heart out, Dubai). I just love how they have everything, their prices are very reasonable (don't be fooled by the fact that it's in Baraka mall), and for those of us who aren't a size XS or -2 or whatever you can actually find something :)

Anyhoo so go check it out. Baraka mall, the entire third floor. Oh and you can find the exact same stuff on their website, so if you're unbelievably lazy you can browse the stuff they have on their website then just go and buy it.

Random story? So I was with mom and we're going down from the place to the car and I bump my foot against a stand or something and my toe starts bleeding like a lot, all over my slippers and all (I think I've scared a few kids haha). The whole thing looks pretty disgusting. So what does mom say? "Make sure you don't get any blood in the car". gee, thanks mom. >.>


Saed said...

Lol your mom is awesome.

And shoo haik you stub a toe and you start bleeding all over the place? hahah that's brutal xD


But funny :>

If you're wondering why the paragraphs look weird, it's coz I'm bored.

Saed said...

Nevermind it didn't do that thing where the writing comes out of the right side.

If you get what I mean.

Oh well