Thursday, January 21, 2010


  • Mansaf for the fourth day. If it wasn't so good, I'd probably mind, but seriously it's so good. For your future occasions, hopefully happy ones, order from Deeretna. Not Jabri, Jabri sucks. Deeretna is heavenly. Guaranteed post-mansaf coma every single time.
  • Yesterday was the last day at the 3aza. I must have passively smoked the equivalent of 9 cigarette packs. Combined with the Mansaf and the no fastwalking for the past week, this can't be healthy.
  • Today I had one of my makeup exams, seeing as I missed two. It was, umm, interesting? Out of maybe 20 multiple choice questions, I figured out what, 3? I tried to study but I couldn't, I even woke up at 5 to study but somehow ended up watching "how i met your mother". Anyway, I have another exam on Saturday and the last one on Sunday. Then I'll hibernate.
  • I never thought of myself as a family person, but I really loved the unity I witnessed during the last couple of days, not just from family members, but everyone. I think I'm actually appreciating our traditions after all, aside from the fact that the whole thing, as in dying, costs a freaking fortune. But really, the all people coming together part I like.
  • If I don't tweet, I facebook. If I don't facebook, I blog. Some urge within me compels me to send my thoughts into the virtual world, one way or another.


Saed said...

I really agree with you on the traditions point. Some of our traditions are pretty nice, but there's that other downside of extremists.
I love the 3aj2aat of family meetings (when they were on good terms xD)

Yalla 5allsi 5alleena nitla3 :D

Ola said...

Well, misery loves company, and mansaf, and twitter, and facebook, and and...