Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7aki's Bag Tag

I have less than an hour to start getting dressed for work (did you not know that I'm working now???-well sort of) and I should be sleeping/watching TV/straightening the catastrophe that is my hair today, but I 7aki's pleas to participate in the tag have softened my heart and got me to go look for the camera (which took some time to find) and empty my bag (again took time to find- did I mention I'm messy?) on the bed and take a picture. So here it is, work your way from the left:

1) My access card for work. It's so awesome, I feel like I'm in Alias. I keep getting in and out of the building just to use it.

2) Wrigley's gum

3) Wallet

4) Natural looks body spray

5) Nivea moisturising cream

6) Umbrella. It rained a couple of days ago, so I carried it with me, but doesn't look like it's going to rain soon.

7) Mobile.

8) A pen apparently. Don't remember putting it though.

9) Dawkins' "The God Delusion"

10) A hair clip

11) Key

12) USB

13) My iPod.

14) Some papers I need to type and stuff.

15) Chapstick.

16) An empty bottle of water.

So there you have it.

The End

P.S. googling has revealed that Americans use the term purse for a woman's bag whereas the Brits refer to it as a bag. In the UK, a purse is commonly a wallet. There's your useless piece of info 3al sobo7.



nizars.com said...

How far have you reached in the book?

p.s. are you a guy or a girl?
As I remember your name is Abdulla right?

Farah said...

LOL hey nizar, refer to two posts earlier, it's abdallah's blog but i'm making occasional posts here, and this post was written by yours truely :). I'm almost halfway through the book.

7aki Fadi said...

Yeah I, like Nizar, was confused a little. LOL.

Cooool, you are a minimalist, not a lot in you bag.

And thanks for explaining the purse and bag.