Sunday, December 14, 2008

The study of the world

Everything in the world can be studied, Ideas generated, theories invented, Equations derived. And I want to study, I want to generate, I want to invent, I want to derive. I don't really care if its true or not, I just want my philosophy to speak.

The world cannot be really described is it because it's beyond the abilities of our minds? The world is a variable moving, evolving, growing, physically deforming. The World is a physical equation with change as a constant. Think about it change is always present in our daily life but nothing is ever radical enough to be called a variable in our life.

Change is present in a specific quantity, it is a constant. It is a linear slope, maybe not exactly linear but maybe almost.

If change was a variable then change can be mathematically zero, a zero mean no change at all. But have we ever lived a day without change. Daily disasters happen, people die, and we evolve.

I'm really not sure about what I'm writing but a philosophical view is never invalid. Evolution is a growth, growth depends on time. So in my equation time is independent variable, growth is a dependant variable.

So imagine this on a graph:
Time on the X-axis
Growth on the Y-axis
Change is the slope

Change = Change in Growth / Change in Time

But can't we say a change in growth of the world(not physically of coarse but mentally; according to all beings) is evolution?

> Change = Evolution / Change in Time

Let me define Evolution with an example; Why we invent planes in a specific time why didn't we invent it as soon as the world was discovered. The mind of a human being evolved as it is. If the mind of humans did not evolve why not invent everything that is to be invented when time began, they had everything they need from materials to work force. Why did they build a pyramid not a skyscraper?

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Anonymous said...

A good answer to your last question is because it is a process, just like everything in life.

It is done step by step and it takes time :)

I love your thinking, I would like to see more from this side, let your thoughts be heard.