Friday, June 26, 2009


*Ignore all spelling mistakes + grammer wrote it while being very "not in the mood"*
I'm really not pissed just fucking annoyed, had a fight with the folks over the dog again... aah aah I'm too sick of this, each weak they find a new reason why the dog must go...
1st week:she is too jumpy and excited all the time
So I let her off her leash to run free
2nd week: at night she got a bunch of garbage from the hood and put them all around our garden.
Put her back on the leash but walked her more often.
3rd week: neighbors started complain about her barking all the time
got her a muzzle
THIS WEEK: She is taking too much space from the house, the garden always feels dirty from her, her shit is all around the back, she is nijseh (don't really know the english meaning of that).
So as you know I'm burnt... after this fight I had to go outside in the sun gather all her shits together, set up a new more hidden spot for her, and clean all around.... just to "fix the problem"!
Next week for the new problem what do u expect it to be?
AHAAA now for the most funny part... I come back inside the problem isn't the dog anymore its my life.....
bla bla bla
So I went into my room and sat on the computer.... I usually play games when I'm annoyed and I did... started losing at any game i try to play.....

and I still didnt have lunch! so my hurts

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