Friday, September 4, 2009

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The following post is dedicated to Saed. Because he's quite the nagger. But ya, a push is what I always need to get me to do stuff. I always have great ideas, but zero momentum to actually go through with stuff. Man I swear if I had momentum, yours truly would be ruling the world someday. Sigh. haaai sade :)

Hmmm so Ramadan started almost 2 weeks ago. Since we don't have university right now, there hasn't been a lot of stuff to do. Seeing friends, breakfast every once in a while at Books@, driving in the evening with mom in the passenger seat covering her eyes, shopping. I collect spare change that lies around the house, so the other day I took all of the change from the past two years to cash it out and they amounted to more than 150 JDs hehehehe. So yes, collect your change from now on. I wanna get a job though, I hate asking the parents for money. Inno basta7i.

Ah shu kaman?

There are a couple of serious subjects I wanted to post about in the other blog but I haven't been in the mood to actually collect the facts about them and then make them into decent posts but I'm just gonna spill out the ideas:

1) The other day I was reading an article in Living Well about the vaccine against cervical cancer. The vaccine called Gardasil prevents 70% of cervical cancer cases as well as other types of cancer in women. It should be given to girls from the ages of 13-27 as three doses over 6 months, each costing 150 JDs if my memory serves correctly. It should however be given as early as possible for maximum efficiency. So a cure (well vaccine, actually) for a cancer that kills a large number of women every year! JOY! Why the bloody hell aren't we giving it to girls everywhere? Because HPV, the virus which causes the majority of cervical cancer cases is sexually transmitted. The magazine says over 80% of women around the world contract HPV at one point or another. And for parents here, the "sex shot" is like a green card for women to start having sex. But my god how ridiculous is that, I mean you give your child a tetanus shot but you still don't tell him to step on rusty nails. You don't wear a seat belt with the certainty of going into a car accident. It's a precaution.

What seriously bugged me is how they quoted one woman who said that she would never consider giving the vaccine to her daughter, but were they to develop one for males, then she would give it to her son. Another mother said that she'd rather live with the unfounded suspicion of her daughter having sex than having to bury her because of her irrational choice. Give me your thoughts people.

So yes for me, I think this vaccine should be as compulsory as polio. I think we should discuss this as a start, I didn't know the vaccine was available here sara7a. And no, I haven't opened the subject with my parents. It's on my to do list, though.

2) I was reminded about the other things from Shadi's blog. He mentioned he was approached for taking part in this business called Quest. Basically to enter this business, you have to buy some merchandise from their website for a certain amount (I can't remember how much). After that, your job is to introduce more and more people into the business. The more people sign up, the more money goes into your pocket. I was approached a few months back by a bunch of people, so I did some research about the subject and a LOT of people seem to have lost money in the very same company which seems to thrive in developing country. The concept is the basis of what they call a pyramid scheme, people on the top making money from the people at the bottom of the chain. At some point, people will stop going into this business and the chain stops and they will lose their money. Yes its true, you can make a lot of money, but you're basically taking it from the people after you, who are probably your parents or friends. If you're not convinced, just google "quest pyramid scheme".

3) the third subject is medical liability in Jordan. I was wondering the other day, do we have such a thing as medical malpractice insurance? What brought it to my mind is that the doctor who once operated on my brother is now in prison (or under hospital confinement because he underwent recent surgery) because a patient he operated on died from complications after being released. And this is a doctor who's received tons of medals and certificates and stuff. But I mean even the best of doctor kill someone at one point or another, no? So ya, I was wondering about that.

Ok one very last point. I think ours is the only family that isn't nor has ever watched Bab il 7ara. What's with the obsession with this show wallahi I don't get it. I really find it weird how it attracts both children and adults. They should make some sort of study about the subject.

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