Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Okay so today is like an EPIC FAIL day! I've had like 4 embarrassing incidents hehehe.

Number 1: I'm at the bookshop with Abdallah and Saed. I went to grab a notebook from the shelf and I ended up dropping like 10 notebooks and part of the shelf. I put the notebooks back, hid the part of the shelf under the floor and walked out from the store with Abdallah and Saed laughing their asses off.

Number 2 (LOL): I'm going into the building where my class is, and I have my purse on my shoulder. My purse gets stuck to the door handle and I'm suddenly pulled backwards. The man sitting on the desk in the front stared at me and said: "shu camera 5afiyyeh?" yalla baseeeeta.

Number 3: hahaha ya I'm not gonna mention this one. Don't worry, nothing bathroom related or so hehehehe.

Number 4: I'm in the car and I smell something burning. My window is half-way open but it was dark and it looked open all the way, so I stick my head out to smell and BAM! Awwal marra basma3 de7keh heik min Abdallah.

Hmmm so we started uni on Sunday. My schedule's pretty good, I get 3 days off, but 2 of my professors suck pretty badly bas yalla baseeta. The uni's become so crowded and since we have no actual campus, everybody's just outside on the street during their breaks so you see like swarms of people outside the cafeteria.

Haha so first day I take the car to the uni I get a driving ticket. 2al for parking on a lane even though there was no "no parking" sign and students park there ALL the time. Like 6 other cars got a ticket too. Woohoo my first ticket!

Hmmm what else? Let's just say this year is different. I feel like I've started this year with a new perspective. I'm more appreciative of the people in my life and I took steps I quite frankly didn't think was capable of.

Oh and I saw this accident today at Abdallah Ghosheh street in front of McDonalds and it seriously depressed me even though there were no casualties. One of those huge McDonalds delivery trucks lost control or its breaks stopped working or something and it slammed into a cab and another car on the main road. The cars got pretty smashed up. It was just depressing.

Ya I think that's pretty much it.

Bye bye!


Saed said...

Yeah we appreciate you too!

Yo Farah I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but failblog has the best epic fails of all time.



Farah said...


NasEr said...

I thought u were talking about the second episode of House MD new season .
what's this univ without campus ? i loved how ppl were all over the place at JU ! its fun enjoy it

Farah said...

Right, I completely forgot that was the title of the 2nd episode! I'm gonna download it now. I'm in GJU, and since their real campus is yet to be complete we use RSS and other buildings, basically in the street!

Saed said...

Farah you noob we do NOT use RSS Feeds for our uni -.-

I know I know beh

Farah said...

Saed I'm gonna go throw away your phone. You do not deserve to have contact with other people.