Thursday, November 19, 2009

i think i think...

I may end up as the crazy old lady throwing cats at children down the street....

I mean think about it, I like cats (well not obsessively for now and I hate kids.

That was supposed to be funny btw, HINT HINT.

So I saw Valkyrie today. It's a pretty good movie. And I got Inglorious Bastards to watch. I never had such an urge to speak German. I kinda like German. It gives a sense of professionalism. Or it just scares people. Both ways, it works for me :D

And I HATE driving on Thursdays. It's frustrating I swear...

Ya I'm gonna go.


zeina said...

lol I hate kids too :D
I dislike cats though :/
But about kids, actually I love to tease them, till the extent that they might cry :D There was this time when I smiled at a child and he actually burst into tears lol (that was really weird!!)
P.S. I know that might indicate that I have a huge psychological problem, which I do not deny, but though if anyone has a better or further explanation, he/she is more than welcome to share it :D)
Oh and hey farah :)

Saed said...

Looool Farah the crazy cat lady?
How tribal of you :P

Zena you're just scary that's the explanation. Talk german and 5alas no context :P

Kids are assholes. I used to be nice to them ba3den saaro ya5do 3ein 3alai so i had to put my foot down >.> loool

Saed said...

5alas no contest*****

Farah said...

Hi Zena, mabrook il first comment :P The explanation is this: they're noisy, they're sticky and if they're not cute why the hell should we put up with them. EH!

Sa3ed, the tribal comment makes no sense so beeeh


zeina said...

You are really active people! Wish u could join for a drink this afternoon :/

Farah allah ybarek feeki :D
And I do agree with ur explanation about kids :) they are very sticky :S

Saed did u really just call me scary :/!

Saed said...

The tribal comment did make sense!
wild cats

GOSH Farah!!

No zena you're not scary... >.> and you clearly just proved me wrong *rolls eyes*

scary is hot

........... How are kids sticky? did you guys take showers as kids? o.0