Saturday, November 7, 2009

on turning 20 and other stuff

The poor blog. It's dying. I will try to entertain it with a post every once in a while. I seriously doubt there's anyone reading this but ya what the hell. The following is in no particular order.

I turned 20 last Sunday. As much as I hate to admit it, there is some sense of maturity that comes along with it. I made some resolutions and all.

The day before I went through the moodiest phase I had ever went through. I would be totally happy at one point, then have the sudden urge to bawl like a baby at the next. It's like my teenage years decided to manifest themselves for one last time. It was probably stress because I tend to hide my emotions until they come screaming out.

Yesterday I went to Jerash with the extended family, it was nice. I love Jordan's natural scenery, it's really beautiful. I think even if I worked or studies abroad for a while, I would have to come back here. I can't imagine myself living anywhere else.

And on Thursday I got lost for the first time since I got my license, which is surprising considering my completely nonexistent sense of direction. I wanted to go to Swefiyeh but somehow kept ending up in Abdoun, so after 30 minutes of trying I finally called my mom for directions and she made fun of me and all ha ha ha.

So I've been going to this fastwalking Jordan thing, and I'm really enjoying it. Basically, a lot of people group meet up near the 5th circle every sunday and wednesday and head towards a destination then go back to 5th circle. And you always find someone you know, Amman is a pretty small place afterall. And I love how their destination are not necessarily west Amman and so, they go to Balad and Ras al Ain, it's really nice.

Oh and I went cycling last week. And marathoning 2 weeks ago. Look at me becoming all athletic. Amma hoo, I just ate 2 kitkats. Seriously don't buy Kitkat unless it's wrapped in silver foil, it's so much better compared to the normal one.

Enough for now, I make posts later I bromise. baai :)


hamede said...

Happy day.

Saed said...


YAY FARAJ!!! (and that's no typo)