Wednesday, November 11, 2009

on kampfy chairs

I love demotivational posters! This one cracks me up, Saed sent it to me a while back. The joke comes from the fact that Hitler wrote a book called "mein Kampf" meaning my struggle but Saed was like Oh really I didn't know that this was a book, and I was like then why did you laugh at mein kampfy chair, and he was like I don't know it's a funny word. ooook sade ooook.

Oh and check out this video it's so funny

Hmm shu kaman? Today was the final weekday, I even ditched two lectures today cuz I wasn't in the mood to attend. I just sat outside with a couple of friends who were making UNBELIEVABLY stupid jokes hehe. I try to enjoy uni time as much as possible because I'm pretty sure a couple of years from now I'm gonna wish I was back in uni.

I have some studying I need to do over the weekend meh. I have no idea what one of my courses is even about but that's just because the professor is the stupidest human being on the face of this earth I am not kidding. Language-wise NOTHING, he says upnormal instead of abnormal, weighter instead of scale (and pronounces it wei2er), inno I don't care about wrong grammar or whatever but when the students have no idea what the hell you're talking about, you've got a problem.

Today fast-walking in Rabieh. I'm so loving it because heik it gives you a break from everything else. You just put on the ipod speakers and go walking for a couple of hours and completely take your mind off everything else, it's just a great destressing, de-depressing (pressing?/beh) method.

Ok bai.

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Saed said...

lol at "pressing"


FUCK YOU it's funny how it's said! oh and the demotivational one you put isn't the same loool

the one i sent is funnier, the writing on the black part is different.

it should say
"Mein Campfy Chair
It's quite campfy"