Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm basically posting this because certain people *cough-sa3ed-cough* are bitching about us posting. Hey its abdallah's blog, tell HIM to post. Abdallah what the hell man? I know you're busy and all bas ya3ni a post every once in a while would be nice.

I'm just gonna go ahead and type whatever goes through my head right now.

1) I've been kinda sick the past week. It's just a cold, but then for some reason, i lost my voice. and my friends are assholes, they kept making fun of me. apparently the idea of me being voiceless is just so freaking hilarious ha ha. so ya, if you're reading this, bite me. you know who you are. Ugh having that slush now was a totally bad idea.

2) Today I rode in a taxi who had the radio set to mood fm! MOOD FM! IN A TAXI! I gave the dude a hefty tip. They should make a union for taxi cabs so they become more organized and maybe give them bonuses and benefits so they'd stop torturing their poor passengers. And that stupid momayaz "special" taxi is a load of crap. it didn't make a damn difference.

3) I swear if one more company or ZAIN sends me a message reminding me of their mothers day specials I'm gonna kill someone. Efft. it's phone spam it's what it is. Everytime u think u have a new message, turns out its just another ad.

4) Do we have to buy our moms something for mothers day? is it like compulsory? I HATE HATE HATE buying gifts. i never know what to get. just today i spent like 3 hours walking around malls with a friend (which by the way is an extremely bad idea on a Thursday- wtf is up with people and malls on Thursdays?!?!) and didn't find anything in the end. so ya, gifts suck.

5) I'm going to the dead sea tomorrow woohoo. ya I'm gonna spend all my time in the sun reading and listening to my ipod. i wanna get sunburned. yaha.


7) I must study electric circuits. I never even attempted to study it. I'm sure it's not so bad once I study it, but the very fact of having to sit down and start understanding something I DETEST is something that I've been procrastinating for, oh I don't know, the past month. UGH! and exams are coming up.

8) i'm bored. i don't mean right now, i mean in general. i'm sick of the routine. there hasn't been anything new happening lately and it's depressing.

9) you have to see this video, it's unbelievably hilarious ! il arab nahfeh wallahi.

10) I like making lists. numbered lists. hence this list lol. I even make to-do-lists believe it or not, but i never ever do whatever it is i have to do.

5alas i've reached number 10 and i'm out of ideas.

yalla bye.


Shmal said...

1) I love making lists myself
2) I got in a taxi who had SPIN Fm not, mish bad mood!
3) I despise studying anything genitalia related, it's boring and disgusting.
4) I love the video
5) I love the jabbawockeez, visit my blog and check 'em out.

Saed said...

There you go now was that so fucking difficulT?! lol
Now abdulla you A-HOLE get in here and post a dumb family guy clip or rant about anything!

Be a good man and post like Farah just did!

Yeah your friends are assholes who would make fun of you for losing your voice? :\ shade...
>.> Sheide.. lol
I actually didn't make fun of it enough, I like losing my voice it's an excuse

One taxi I got on was listening to play99.6 lol

loool @shmal genitalia related studying, better than studying building materials!
... well not much better... okay you win

Jabba the hut?

Farah zah2aan and i miss our cups days LETS GOOOOOOO
dead sea is boring >.>

lol you're gonna be sunburnt and voiceless. How awesome :P
Nahhhh love you farah I won't be an asshole.. much


Saed said...

I left an unfinished sentence up there

I like losing my voice it's an excuse to not talk :P

Farah said...

Shmal: mood isn't bad! Okay i like the oldies :$. LOL at the genitalia related!!

Sade: dead sea was postponed :( i just told u that over the phone bas ya3ni. and my voice is back baby!! *goes on to sing master exploder muahahaha*. oh well i'll see u in a while.