Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Wow its been long since i last posted, I feel like a stranger. Well lately I noticed that I was attacked by several bloggers (no names included)(saed and farah)! what else is new in my life?
I screwed in uni, I found out that i'm addicted to online games, I cut my hair short, I wear boxers not panties, I prefer females (oooh I have a special someone in my life, she is all the dreams i can think of :P), And I'm a bit crazy about her. Well lets call her dream girl for confidentiality. Dream girl is ...*drum roll* sweet for a start, deep, philosophical (when we're in the mood), funny, and lots of other stuff but I'm kinda shy to talk about that a bit.
Btw i'm eating Martedellla and Tea.....oh oh and farah called me today morning and "I!" yes "I!!" gave her a report "I!" have wrote on my own. (I feel proud) (I feel like a very smart friend, lets call her laura for now).
In other news lately a midget attempts to make a Blog, but trust me this midget is tall enough to kick your ASS! and i might get hurt for this but i love my readers...*cockroach sounds* no but really this midget is lovely and sweet most of the times.
I'm off to uni love you all

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Saed said...

Speaking of strangers, The Strangers is on showtime lol


Welcome back.