Thursday, November 27, 2008

Days of our life

Lately my life couldn't get any worse and the worst part in this situation is that I don't really know what is bothering me really! Each day I create an excuse. I'm sick of routine waking up in the morning going to studying leaving eating going out then back home to sleep. I've been living a day too many times. Studying is hard, stressful, but when a person wants to view the situation : how should we live life? should we enjoy life or live to work. and love is an aimless road, we go through it blinded by our genitals. home is boring though warm on the coldest nights. And each time we close our eyes we listen to the "ring" of emptiness, we are empty!


suha said...

life is empty and life is repetitive i also feel like i've been going in a circle for 3 years now but hey that's life and people seem to get by..

Abdallah Haj Abed said...

I cannot agree with you anymore i hate the routine waking up dressing up goin to study leaving to eat study n sleep
Slaves of time :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Abdallah,

I know it's an old post. I'm researching this topic (routine) and I came across your blog...

I think life can get more interesting if and when you find your real inspiration... Search your soul.

My two cents,
Girl Scout