Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Normal Day at Cups and Kilos - Or is it?

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say it was a lucky day indeed! I went out yesterday morning and the weather was lovely ( it had just rained but the sun was up) then I went to cups and kilos had breakfast (a Humos sandwich) which was really good, I spent it studying with a couple of my friends till 3, then I went to the university and I was scared shitless because of my exam. At five I went into the test and I think I did good, I answered and I felt good about my answers! After the test I went to saed's house. We sat there, he played the guitar and I composed lyrics (pretty funny shit I must say), around 8 saed told me lets go to cups and kilos I didn't mind at all :P. We went there and sat, 1 minute after I hear "happy birthday to you" behind me I look back I find a crowd behind me. All my friends gathered to surpise me!! I wasn't surprised but I was shaking, the same way I did when I got my royal flush! We sat there around the table all laughing all night, I just love my friends! REALLY! I don't have any pictures right now but hopefully by next week I'll post some pictures!
Thanks to All of My friends, I LOVE YOU ALL!


Saed Tillawi said...

:D I love you too!

I'm proud to have been mentioned in your blog ^_^

Qwaider قويدر said...

Happy birthday dude! :)

hamede said...

Happy birthday and good luck.