Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Mexican Dream

I dreamt I was with saed and we were walking on a highway then we pass a really modern amazing gas station (and we need to use the bathroom) but the line for the modern station is long so we move on and after find we find a shitty station.

There is a man standing in front of the bathroom he is big and dark so saed goes in and the dark man follows him but saed never comes out, even though the black guy comes out.

So I go in after saed and after looking for him for some time. I feel I need to use the bathroom. so I'm in the bathroom, its that dark bronze color and it has no compartments, there is only a small window with bars on it. Then the dark guy comes in and after him three innocent girls.... so I'm in the middle of my thing (lool it was a number two), i start running pushing a girl on the floor, crying out to warn them, and the black guy starts to run after me.

I just remember flashes of him following me EVERYWHERE, then at some point I see hani and laura. I remember it was night and us three were next to a lake or something, and beside us a bush labyrinth. So we decide to go in, then all of a sudden we find the dark guy and all of us start running, each in a different direction after running for a while i find my way out of the labyrinth, and i find hani. but we never saw laura, we decide to look for her then out of nowhere the dark man jumps at hani pushing him into the lake (lool irony) and then as I look behind me I see him only centimeters away from me and I run off. cross the bridge to find myself on the boarders.

I enter a small spanish town, and dark dude still behind me. And in this town there are a lot tall houses with small spaces between them and a lot of balconies. At this point I woke up so I forced myself to sleep again. and I remember that I was jumping between the houses it was fun but I was still annoyed that the guy was still behind me. Finally I talk to a thin guy dressed in white with waxed hair and I wake up! :P

2 comments: said...

This was a shity dream in deed :D

My last dream was kind of erotic :P

But anyhow like 2 nights ago I dreamt that I was being shoot at by Saudi police because I had a fight with a guy who happened to be a prince, the dream ends up with me fleeing the country (on foot), not so fun.

Abdallah Haj Abed said...

and now about the erotic one :P