Saturday, November 29, 2008

Final Fantasy VII

I know this is a every old game but I really like it, and I just got it on the computer! These are the main characters :D enjoy.
This is Aeris

Now this is Barret:

This is Cait Sith

This is Cid one of my Favorites :P

This is Red or Nanaki

This is Tifa

This is Vincent Also my Favorite

This is Yuffie

This is Cloud Again Favorite

AND THIS IS...wait I'm copying the name Sephiroth The bad guy but I like him alot :P so yeah favorite too :P

But Vincent is the best :P hehehehe if anyone wants the game on PC contact me :P


Saed Tillawi said...

Sephiroth!! :D said...

I was never a fan of final fantasy, I never liked it and understood what the fuzz is all about.

Abdallah Haj Abed said...

Other than the amazing story (honestly like 50% of me is playing it for the story) it has a unique gaming style, its not stupid like shooting games and stuff like these, no in this you have to think to get to ur destination!