Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm at Cups and Kilos

I'm writing this post from Cups and kilos - Rabiah (COME AND JOIN ME). I'm sitting here eating my brownie and I thought to myself , why not post? :P
Today I had a german exam it was not that easy but I hope I did well, I don't know how to study in my own house so I came here today to study Applied Math, It's not that hard but people say it is. Tomorrow I have my first mid-term exam, Applied math!
I'll keep you posted :P
btw don't worry I will keep you posted, studying bores the crap out of me, and nothing entertains me more than a random post! :P


ahlam said...

Stop writing and study!

ahlam said...

Oh and viel gluck for the exam! although i don't like you that much.. but anywho.. say hi to cups! beh i know.

Saed Tillawi said...

lol im gonna come now


Farah said...

perhaps you should be telling people that you ditched both chemistry and applied lectures today

aaaah i should go study too