Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poker Night - Special Night

Last night me and two friends went out to "study" but Firas didn't have much to study. So he started telling us "lets play poker", and we didn't argue with him. We got the cards decided on a game with buy-in 5 Jds. I lost acouple of rounds at first until I got down to 3.6 Jds! Then I got a Queen and a 10 hearts, first three cards on the deck came out a jack of hearts a nine of spades and a five. Firas put a bet of 1Jd I called it, hani folded. Then, the Ace of hearts was on the table, I got excited I had a chance for a Flush or Straight. The river (the last card) was the king of hearts I got VERY excited I GOT A ROYAL FLUSH, but i stay calm I put a bet of 1 Jd and Firas raised it to 2 Jds, I went All In. He called it. and I won both Hani and Firas were shocked so was I, they asked to see my hands they were shaking, no joke.


For people who do not know what a Royal Flush is, its the best thing anyone can get in a poker game!