Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to talk about?

I'm bored, sitting in my room, waiting for the water to heat up (yeah I'm finally taking a bath) and I decided why not entertain you guys? but poorly I have nothing that interesting. Life is boring filled with corruption really, fixing it is not good enough anymore! But I still try by doing my job as a living caring person (yeah lol caring) I really find it disgusting to through garbage on the floor, not because I'm green but it gives a bad impression about a person (pick up your garbage and flush the toilet after you know what :P). What else? I love my friends (wow that was random) - but I really do, even though sometimes I feel like I don't like them but when I really think about it, I know how much I love them! I was writing about love right now but I felt like erasing it, I don't know why really (i know I'm blabbering). Its funny how one thought can lead to another, and right now you went through my chain of thoughts, and now my chain of thoughts is thinking about the chain of thoughts (believe me I'm really bored). I like to keep my "I"s captial, makes me feel important I guess? Even thought most of the time I'm writing I write it as a small "I" and I go back and change it. Wow, I must say I just wasted like 5 minutes of my life writing this so that you would waste five minutes reading this! (its not really funny, more like pathetic, but I just wanted to point it out maybe). I think that is enough for today?

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